X-PLOR® Guides

Accessory Sheet

View PDF Picture #Accessory NameModel #18-Cell Battery501882Cartridge500733Carry Bag521914AC Power Supply530115DC Power Supply530216Backpack52291 Backpack Instructions

Quick Start Guide

View PDF DO NOT TURN ON THE X-PLOR UNTIL YOU REACH STEP 4. It is quick and easy to get your X-PLOR started, but please read the entire User Manual before using. VERIFY CARTRIDGE IS INSERTED Ensure the cartridge is inserted all the way into the unit so the handle lays...

Cartridge Replacement

View PDF STEP 1: Removing Cartridge. Turn off the X-PLORTM by pressing the power button for 2 seconds. Remove the X-PLOR from the carrying bag, if applicable. Remove the battery from the X-PLOR. Place the X-PLOR on its side to access the underside of the POC. Pull the...

Backpack Instructions

View PDF PART 1: Placing X-PLOR in Backpack. Disconnect the cannula and remove the X-PLOR from the small carrying bag, if applicable. Place backpack on a flat surface with the front pocket and ring facing up. Pull on ring to open the front pocket, so you can place the...