Nomad Biometrics™ Mobile App


With the Nomad app, you’ll never worry about forgetting important data for your Belluscura® portable oxygen concentrator (POC) again. This easy-to-use app collects specific oxygen metrics from your Belluscura POC device so your oxygen therapy data is always just a few taps away.

App Features

Easy to use

Simple, easy to use interface

Connect your POC device

Nomad tracks your breath rate, oxygen usage (hours used), pulse volume, battery life and alarm history all directly from POC unit.

Maintenance reminders

Nomad provides filter and cannula reminders, access to user manual and FAQ and ability to input spirometer and pulse oximeter data.

Bluetooth capability

Bluetooth® enabled, so you can connect to your iPhone®, Android™ phone, Samsung® watch, Apple Watch®, Nonin® or Masimo™ pulse oximeters, and Fitbit® wearables.

Get the Nomad App Now

For questions regarding user management or user data, please contact the Belluscura Customer Service team at 877-223-5548.

Oxygen Solutions

Featuring our ModulAir® technology and Airgonomical™ design, our products are ideal for patients who want to replace their heavy oxygen tanks without missing a moment.


Belluscura offers a variety of portable oxygen concentrator accessories to ensure using and maintaining your oxygen concentrator is easy as possible.