Cartridge Replacement

STEP 1: Removing Cartridge.

Turn off the X-PLORTM by pressing the power button for 2 seconds.

Remove the X-PLOR from the carrying bag, if applicable.

Remove the battery from the X-PLOR.

Place the X-PLOR on its side to access the underside of the POC.

Pull the cartridge out of the POC by pulling on the
cartridge pull handle.

Remove the cartridge completely from the X-PLOR and throw away

STEP 2: Installing Cartridge.

Remove cartridge from mylar bag. The new cartridge has a dust cap on top. Remove the dust cap. Make sure there is no dust or debris where the dust cap was located.

Insert new cartridge top first into the X-PLOR. Do not leave the cartridge ends exposed; the cartridge should be inserted into the X-PLOR as soon as the used cartridge is removed.

Push the cartridge into the X-PLOR so it is fully inside.

The cartridge pull handle should lay flat once the cartridge is secured.

Connect charged battery to the X-PLOR.

Turn on the X-PLO₂R by pressing the power button for 2 seconds. Set the flow setting to your prescribed setting and use normally.