Backpack Instructions

PART 1: Placing X-PLOR in Backpack.

Disconnect the cannula and remove the X-PLOR from the small carrying bag, if applicable.

Place backpack on a flat surface with the front pocket and ring facing up.

Pull on ring to open the front pocket, so you can place the X-PLOR inside.

(Be sure that the LCD screen is facing up, the cannula connector is located on the right side, and the intake vent aligns with the mesh panel.)

Insert and thread the cannula through the opening at the top of the right shoulder strap.

Continue threading the cannula down through the backpack, toward the X-PLOR.

(Pull the cannula out through the grommet so it can connect to the X-PLOR.)

Connect the cannula to the X-PLOR.

PART 2: Wearing the Backpack.

Place backpack on shoulders and adjust the shoulder straps so the backpack is comfortable.

Wrap the cannula up and over both ears and insert the nasal prongs into your nostrils.

(The canula should fit comfortably around your head.)

Roll the cannula tubing to the desired length. Secure the excess tubing inside the backpack with the Velcro straps, making sure not to kink the tubing.

Zip up the backpack and you’re ready to go X-PLOR.

Store additional batteries inside the backpack if desired.